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Success story: ”If you want the team to achieve results, these things must be acknowledged”

Psychological safety is incredibly significant factor in leadership nowadays, according to Marjatta Järvinen, the Managing Director of an international technology company. She believes that with [Remote] Team Builder training, employee turnover decreases and work will be done with greater perseverance.

It’s not enough to provide employees with a salary, a workspace and tasks. If people don’t feel good being together, things don’t work: people leave and there is no results, states Marjatta Järvinen, the Managing Director of Roxtec Finland Oy.

Roxtec is the world leader within sealing solutions for cable and pipe transits. Marjatta Järvinen leads the operations in Finland. She has colleagues in dozens of countries, which provides valuable insights into modern leadership.

“Especially in this kind of traditional industry, there are still many task-oriented leaders – but leadership has changed. Nowadays, these soft skills are the hard ones. If we want the team to achieve results, these things must be acknowledged”, says Järvinen.

Specifically Järvinen refers to psychological safety, which means that employees feel good being together and dare to speak up and ask questions.

“In particular, younger employees will switch jobs if they don’t feel comfortable. When psychological safety is at good level, turnover decreases, and collaboration improves. Work is done with greater perseverance and actual development of operations can take place without the constant need for recruitment, onboarding and training of new employees.”

Micro-learning is valuable information presented in an approachable way

Järvinen has been with Roxtec for 12 years, which indicates that there are no major issues with the atmosphere or level of psychological safety. However, this does not mean that attention shouldn’t be continuously paid to these things. That’s why Järvinen became interested in the [Remote] Team Builder as soon as she heard about it.

“Our work community is highly technology and task oriented. So, in our case, these aspects require a bit of special attention and deliberate focusing – and that’s just what [Remote] Team Builder does”, says Järvinen.

The journey of Roxtec and [Remote] Team Builder began with a few hours introduction, during which Juho Nenonen, the CCO of [Remote] Team Builder, sparked everyone’s interest in the topic.

“That was a fantastic kick-off! It provided a great boost to engage in micro-learning content”, Järvinen says.

After kick-off, Roxtec employees continued independently with micro-learning: few times a week they received a learning minute directly on their phones.

“People liked them a lot! Learning minutes deliver serious content in a pleasant and approachable way”, Järvinen says.

As a leader, Järvinen took responsibility for integrating psychological safety and its development into everyday work.

“We have discussed these topics in our monthly meetings, as well as in personal conversations with employees. It feels like we have found a common language for these things, thanks to [Remote] Team Builder.”

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Because of [Remote] Team Builder, feedback is given more frequently

According to Marjatta Järvinen, the impacts of [Remote] Team Builder are already evident in everyday life, even though the training program is still ongoing.

“People are giving more feedback to each other voluntarily, even face-to-face. Mainly positive feedback, but now we can also address difficult issues more easily. I’ve been with the company for years, and I’ve never experienced anything like this.”

Järvinen believes – or rather she knows – that investing in employees’ psychological safety pays off in the long run.

“Now every employee understands why this is important. It’s about ensuring that everyone feels good at work. It doesn’t mean that it’s always super fun – workplace isn’t an amusement park. But it’s incredibly significant that we are a team. That we are us.”

Do you pay attention to psychological safety in your organization?
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